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Working with Solid Surface Material

Receptek have been working with Solid Surface Material for 15 years. To capture and promote this experience and unleash the potential this material presents us with, we are pleased to introduce Solid Sculpture, a dedicated service for the design and fabrication of solid surface solutions for all applications. This design lead service gives designers greater creative space by providing the needed technical support whilst remaining adventurous.

From concept to reality

We have detected an element of hesitancy with designers to push the boundaries with solid surface largely due to the difficulty of managing the quality of the final product.

Where the main contractor has the liberty to approach the market for competitive pricing under the banner of ‘equal or approved’ or ‘contractors choice’ it is almost impossible to guarantee the outcome.

There are companies purporting to be able to fabricate solid surface material that clearly cannot and should not be. In addition to this, there is the constant attempt to substitute the specified material with a cheaper alternative and or a thinner material so as to ‘win the work’! This clearly creates a justifiable nervousness with the designer that needs to be addressed.

geometrical seamless 3d background

The Joinery Handicap

By default, 95% of Solid Surface Material is fabricated by small joinery companies across the country. Whilst there are SS specialists these are still joinery based fabricators. Whilst joinery is a closely associated service, the full potential of SS material can be limited with the assumption that it has to be bonded to timber based core material.

12mm Solid Surface material is in itself inherently structurally independent and the compound 3D shapes that can be created with thermoforming should not be restricted by the notion that this has to be bonded to a core timber based material. In fact, where large objects are constructed with this joinery based method, the danger of cracking due to the various materials moving at different rates is high. At Solid Sculpture we minimise the use of bonding to a core board and use a mild steel frame structure for a superior quality final product at a comparable price.

Just Imagine…

If the only limit to what the designer creates with Solid Surface Material is their imagination, Solid Sculpture will have achieved its purpose. We exist to allow the designer a free hand and to unleash the potential of this ‘gift to the designer’.

This is how the conversation goes:

Designer – “what I am thinking of is something like this… can that be done” Solid Sculpture – “yes, lets work out how”

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